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Sun Helios. Lviv regional astrology association
  Astra regunt fatuos, sapiens dominabitur astris...
  Lviv regional astrology association "Helios" was established since 1993 and our first step was official registration and unified citizens of town Lviv with other civilian in west region of Ukraine who are interested or have professional astrology practice and practice in all similarly science with astrology. In this moment LRAA "Helios" lead active work in three direction:
  1. Astrology popularization
a) LRAA "Helios" organized programs on radio, publication in press etc.,
b) LRAA "Helios " realized contact with other organizations who have analog work,
c) we organized regularly meeting and assembling for astrologer and for other people who are interested by astrology,
d) LRAA "Helios" search and made relationship between astrology and other science like sociology, bioenergy, parapsychology etc. We appellate all specialists in this assembly disciplines to contact us for astrology research).

2. LRAA "Helios" organized astrology school and astrology consultation
a) Lecture of famous astrologer:
S.V. Shestopalov (1990) O.B. Ilmov (1992) V.M. Moskovchenko (1996-2000, 2010-2011),
b) basic education course for astrology,
c) individual astrology consultation,
d) library for astrology books and books from other assembly disciplines.

3. Astrology and statistical research for astrology reference. In year 1998 LRAA "Helios" was organized center for astrology research (CAR) and this center are occupied with researching in next themes
a) creating of astrology database,
b) statistical research of events who are connected with traffics and other accidents in Lviv region,
c) statistical research for divorce in town Lviv,
d) statistical research for astrology heredity in family,
e) we made astrology programs,
f) research and development for intuitive ability and we search connection between intuitive ability from one side and transit movement of planet and potential in natal chart from the other side.

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